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Is sustainable steel construction possible? At BAU 2023, bauformustahl e.V. answers this this question with "yes" and will show how sustainable steel is transferred into practice. From the initial idea to the conception and final implementation, Holtmann+ took over the holistic support of the joint stand at the world's leading trade showfor architecture, materials and systems.

Is sustainable construction with steel possible? Yes, definitely! bauforumstahl e.V. has answered this question vividly and authentically at BAU 2023.
With its trade show appearance, bauforumstahl e.V. confronts the prevailing criticism of the steel industry about excessively high emissions and, with the help of its booth concept, puts the focus on the durability and resource efficiency of steel construction.

Our experts from Holtmann+ made it their task to put our customer's product in the center. The goal was,

to make the diversity and advantages of the central element of steel tangible and to focus on its durability andresource efficiency.

Under the guiding principle "Less Tüddel. More Stahl.", we emphasized the sustainability of the material in a special way.
We built the stand largely from green steel. In this way, we demonstrated the recyclability and reusability of the material on the one hand and created a cost-effective stand solution for the customer on the other.

From April 17 to 22, 2023, 2,250 exhibitors from 49 countries presented their products and services in Munich under the main themes: "The Challenge of Climate Change," "The Future of Living," "Digital Transformation," and "Resources & Recycling. At the heart of this vibrant exchange, bauforumstahl e. V. showed with its innovative stand concept how resource-efficient steel can be. 

The added value of our sustainable trade fair stand concept for bauforumstahl e.V.:


+ The product as hero:
The customer's product was brought into focus
and its advantages made tangible.

+ Effect of the "St(r)ahlkraft:
The clear and reduced design emphasized the "St(r)ahlkraft" and directed

attention to steel as a sustainable material.


A sustainable step ahead.

+ Reuse:
The cycle of recyclability and reusability of steel was vividly illustrated.

+ Resource efficiency:
Resource efficiency was emphasized through the use of steel in both product presentation and booth construction.

+ Sustainability:
The entire booth concept was focused on sustainability, from the use of recycled steel to the emphasis on resource efficiency.


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As lead agency, Holtmann+ designed the trade fair stand and took over the holistic support of the joint stand at this leading world trade fair for architecture, materials and systems.


+ Concept development:
Elaboration of the exhibition stand concept.

+ Booth design:
Design of the booth.

+ Project management:
Coordination of the exhibition stand project.

+ Logistics:
Planning of transport and assembly/disassembly.

+ Communication and Marketing:
Elaboration and implementation of the communication and marketing strategy.

+ Sustainability management:
Reduction of energy consumption and resources

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