We celebrate over 70 years of company history.


From a small family business, we have developed into an internationally renowned, agile 360° full-service provider of live communication.



We have challenged ourselves, evolved and transformed, expanded our expertise and manifested competencies.

In doing so, we always focus on innovative experiences from experienced hands, enthusiasm for creation, and steady, sustainable growth.

Bei Holtmann+ verschmelzen genau deshalb Tradition und Transformation für das Plus an Leistung. Unsere Liebe zum Handwerk und unsere Umsetzungsstärke bildet die Basis unserer Arbeit. Im Einklang mit Innovationslust und Mut erschaffen wir so Live-Kommunikations­formate, die authentisch sind und die nachhaltig begeistern.


Wir vereinen

We are the full-service provider for 360° live communication, serving your future needs today - sustainable, genuine and to the point. At Holtmann+ , tradition and transformation merge for the plus in performance. Our love for our craft and our strength in implementation form the basis for our work.

Im Einklang mit Innovationslust und Mut erschaffen wir so
Live-Kommunikationsformate, die authentisch sind und die nachhaltig begeistern.

Your plus for your brand moment.


Clever ideas - implemented with heart and soul and passion. With a love of craftsmanship, we create unforgettable brand moments.


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It doesn't take much. It just takes the courage to take things in hand and go.

Um mindestens die schönen Dinge für zu­künftige Genera­tionen zu erhalten, über­nehme ich gerne Verant­wortung."

Jörg Zeißig



Sustainability means opportunities. It is the basis of our work, it is the core of our self-image. Our premise is to implement economically, socially and ecologically sustainable concepts. Innovation, creativity and partnership are indispensable for us to act in a sustainable manner and to be one step ahead together.


Nachhaltigkeit bedeutet Verantwortung zu übernehmen. Für das, was wir tun und wie wir es tun. Die Einführung der ISO 20121 ist dabei nur ein Aspekt von vielen. Die Zertifizierung ermöglicht uns, die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette in der Live-Kommunikation nachhaltig auszurichten. ​


Wherever possible, we have replaced stretch film with transport boxes. We purchase 100 percent certified green electricity at all our sites. By the end of 2023, three quarters of our vehicle fleet will be electrified, including our forklifts. In Langenhagen, we operate our own photovoltaic system, which has so far covered 100 percent of the electricity required by our electric vehicles.


Our employees benefit from job bikes, job tickets, train cards and the possibility of mobile working. Flat hierarchies contribute to a positive and productive working atmosphere, as do our regular breakfast meetings. We are committed to social organizations in the region, such as the Langenhagener Tafel or through corporate volunteering at the Langenhagen Social Day.


Nachhaltigkeit bedeutet anzufangen. Durch die Initiative Fokus Zukunft wurden wir für 2022-2023 als klimaneutrales Unternehmen ausgezeichnet. Dafür haben wir die Treibhausgasemissionen unserer Geschäftsaktivitäten inklusive Produktion, Rohstoffeinkauf und Transport der Produkte bilanziert und durch den Erwerb von Klimaschutzzertifikaten kompensiert.

Fokus Zukunft

One sustainable step ahead.


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Sustainability is a process, a path that is paved and made more recognizable through innovation, creation and collaboration."

Laureen Pahl
Sustainability & CSR Manager



For a brand experience that inspires over the long term, we rely on collaboration. We work closely together and as equals with our partners - both nationally and internationally. We build networks, form partnerships and rely on exchange, thus strengthening our basis for reliably creating authentic brand moments.

Associations & association work



Entering into, strengthening and establishing cooperations, partnerships and networks - indispensable for us to create unforgettable brand moments for our customers.

To achieve this, we rely on trust, respect and transparency, acting at eye level and in close cooperation. 

We are actively committed to establishing an inclusive, supportive and productive environment that allows us and our partners to share ideas, collaborate and engage in discourse because great things happen when we come together, achieve common goals and shape the future of live communication - for us, our clients and partners.

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