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Sporty values in scene set - an olympic Roadshow for the product placement of SAMSUNG innovatively designed by hartmannvonsiebenthal and holistic converted by Holtmann+.

As the main sponsor of the Olympic Games in London, SAMSUNG has set itself the goal of presenting its sporting values from the best side. The concept of the agency hartmannvonsiebenthal and the international implementation of Holtmann+ set the stage for the products higher, faster and further and skillfully sends it on its travels - from London to Moscow and St. Petersburg to Singapore. A pop-up store that has a continental impact.

As concept implementers, the Expternteam of Holtmann+, brought the design of the agency to life on a 400m2. In addition to the assembly, the project and construction management as well as the organization and logistics of the innovative construction were taken over. We also carried out the work and detailed planning of the component groups until they were ready for production. Since the concept was to be available at several international locations, such as London, Moscow, Singapore and St. Petersburg, multilingual assembly instructions were also prepared. In addition to the assembly, Holtmann+ also took care of the listing of the components, the photo documentation, the method statement, the risk assessment, the TÜV report and the B1 certification.  

In reference to the Olympic torch relay, the agency hartmannvonsiebentahl developed a roadshow concept that architecturally translated SAMSUNG's sporting values and made them tangible through the implementation Holtmann+ . Due to the international placement, the concept was able to have a transnational effect and the vision of SAMSUNG could be experienced in many places.

Our plus in performance for Samsung electronics:


+ Organization and logistics, around the globe
Whether, London, Moscow or Singapore - wherever our customer needs our expertise, we are there for them, providing the appropriate all-encompassing organization and handling the logistics.

+Internationalitymeets strength of implementation
No matter where - the expert team of Holtmann+ uses its strengths and always achieves the best result for its customers - reliably, precisely and comprehensibly.

+ Expertise including safety
As experienced implementers with many years of experience, our teams of experts know their way around - even internationally. Various safety standards and corresponding national guidelines are part of our daily routine and are always taken into account.


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