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Zwei Marken - Ein Messeauftritt auf der Expo Real 2023.

For the appearance of DZ HYP and Union Investment at EXPO REAL 2023, we created a fresh brand identity that seamlessly unites both brands in a single space.

The goal was to embody both the uniqueness and the togetherness of DZ HYP and Union Investment in a joint stand. The solution: two exhibitors, one trade fair stand. Through innovative ideas, concepts and implementation, we present both companies on one stand. 

The modern design of our Expert:innen generated a visual line on the booth to give both exhibitors space for their singular presentation. The implementation of a 2-storey exhibition stand made it possible to create areas that generated a spatial link between the two exhibitors. Various zones and utilization concepts were realized, focusing on the creation of spaces for exchange and discourse, such as the implementation of a communal welcome area, a vision lab as well as a café and conference rooms. The goal was to put people and communication moment in the center. This was achieved through the implementation of an open and inviting booth, which offered areas for free exchange as well as the possibility of private conversations. Communicative and urban inspired, the implementation of the stand is characterized by a flying architecture, which appears light and floating.

DZ HYP & Union Investment presented themselves at a joint stand at EXPO REAL 2023 in Munich from October 4-6. The international trade fair for real estate and investment reflects the entire value chain of the real estate industry. Our customers DZ HYP & Union Investment impressed the visitors:inside with joint power and left lasting impressions.

The added value of our trade fair stand concept for DZ Hyp & Union Investment:


+ Long-termpartnerships:
Partnerships are an important value of our company. We have maintained an existing partnership with UNION INVESTMENT since 2009.

+ Exceptional design:
The sophisticated booth design created a visual line that allowed each exhibitor to shine individually. The two-story architecture of the booth created spaces that highlighted the synergy of both companies. The shared welcome area, vision lab as well as the café and conference rooms encouraged dialogue and collaboration.

+ People at the center:
The focus of the joint booth was on interpersonal interaction and communication. The open and inviting booth concept encouraged both free exchange and private conversations. The visitors were offered enough space to unfold and to enter into conversation.

A sustainable step ahead.

+ Reuse:
Beyond aesthetics and functionality, we prioritized the issue of sustainability. Our creative team developed an ingenious concept that would allow optimal use of the material over several years while exuding high value.


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