What's neext?

This year, the successful "Designing the Future" format will take place under the new name "neext Future Summit".

neext - the new European Ecosystem for Transformation offers a platform for the communication of new market perspectives that unites Real Estate, Infrastructure and Industry - the triad of innovative approaches - under one roof.

The motivation behind this is clear: Europe must reinvent itself by questioning the status quo on the basis of the innovative and creative power of society, business and industry and orienting itself towards a competitive future.

Based on this mission, neext defines the following cornerstones:

TRANSFORMATION: It requires a fundamentally different approach to change with a clear focus on innovation and speed.

COMMUNICATION: Interdisciplinary exchange across industries and national borders in new ecosystems is crucial for future success.

PERSPECTIVES: Once the vision has been defined, implementation follows. Words are followed by deeds and real, sustainable and economically viable solutions for companies, cities and locations.

To realize these goals and demands, neext is based on various event formats that are spread over the entire year 2024. These include the "neext Themen Dialog" and the "neext European Talk".

Together with Drees & Sommer, we at Holtmann+ have developed the format of the "neext Future Summit", the successor to the Circular Design, Building and Construction Summit of the last two years as part of the Designing the Future initiative. The aim of this outstanding communication, congress and exhibition format is to jointly develop concrete solution scenarios for a future fit for grandchildren from an interdisciplinary collaboration.

"What, how, when, why and where do we want to develop, plan, build and operate in the future? And which products, materials, technologies and quality standards should be used?" - are the key questions at the heart of the neext Future Summit. The aim is to discuss these relevant questions and find solutions together.

Be part of neext. Be part of tomorrow. Togehter, with us.

Further information can be found here.