The transformation of Holtmann+

Over the past three years, Holtmann+ has undergone an impressive transformation, evolving from an exhibition stand construction company with a focus on implementation to a full-service LiveCom provider.

In doing so, we recognized the need to bring together experts from different fields: People. Expertise. Do.

Our goal is to create unforgettable brand moments by always keeping our finger on the pulse and understanding the future of LiveCom today. To meet our clients' ever-changing needs and challenges in the dynamic landscape of live communication holistically and over the long term, we rely on a diverse combination of consulting and strategy, conception and architecture, design, and project management and implementation. These elements enable us to offer 360° support to our clients. They are the core of Holtmann+ and our unique selling point.

Our customers' requirements for the mix of live communication have changed in recent years. The demand for sustainable concepts, the increased focus on digital components, the integration of AI and the transformation of existing formats are significantly shaping the development of the event industry. Hybrid and digital formats have long since established themselves. Nevertheless, the classic trade show appearance remains of great importance for many customers. Jörg Zeißig, CEO of Holtmann+, emphasizes: "Despite these developments, the trade fair retains its high status, as it represents the most complex and immersive form of an event. Nevertheless, integration into a coherent communication concept is necessary to create sustainable experiences. This requires an evolution of the trade show format, as people still seek the opportunity to meet and interact in real time."

Focusing solely on the trade show appearance is no longer sufficient to position a brand sustainably and effectively on the market. Integration into a coherent communications concept that works before during and after the event is crucial to making the brand moment at the trade show effective in the long term. A live communications strategy aimed at comprehensive support is needed to make the focus on trade show participation obsolete. A holistic strategy and implementation prove to be more efficient and sustainable in many ways. Louisa Lorenz, Corporate Communication and Network Manager at Holtmann+, adds: "The success of a brand always depends on a successful communication concept. We want to create brand moments that surprise, touch and are remembered through a compelling story, innovative design and architecture that can be experienced."

Cris Vornkahl, CCO of Holtmann+, sees partnership at eye level with customers and service partners as the basis for successful implementation of such a strategy: "Bringing together and sharing perspectives is essential to ensure long-term success. This can only be achieved if all perspectives, whether from customers or visitors, are included. Holtmann+ has challenged, transformed and evolved itself in recent years to meet this demand for comprehensive customer care. We have left stand-by mode and emerged from the crisis stronger. "The transformation from an exhibition stand construction company focused on implementation to a full-service provider of live communication was inevitable for us in order to comprehensively meet the needs of our clients in our dynamic industry over the long term," explains Christian Hohmann, Director Client Relations at Holtmann+. "Our motivation lies in taking on the challenges of our clients and serving them with appropriate expertise. By expanding our service portfolio horizontally, we can guarantee complete handling by our corresponding project teams, so that customers receive the all-round carefree package from us from a single source."