Bye, bye traditional trade fairs?!

Phillip Späth (Partner at Drees & Sommer) and our CEO Jörg Zeißig got to the bottom of this question together in Michél-Phillipp Maruhn's podcast - live in the mobile podcast box during the Circular Design, Building and Construction Summit of DESIGNING THE FUTURE 2023.

Jörg and Philipp found each other through the transformation and the consideration of how future communication with customers should be designed.

At the beginning of the podcast episode, Jörg gave listeners an insight into the history of Holtmann+. Originally focused on trade fair construction, our company has diversified and positioned itself as a communications agency. The pandemic accelerated our transformation from a pure stand builder to a more comprehensive communications agency.

The discussion with Philipp revolves around the challenges of the pandemic, which forced companies to digitize and influenced the nature of physical meetings. They developed new formats such as "System Reise" and "Rebuilding Europe", which are designed to communicate successfully to the outside world.

At the Circular Design, Building and Construction Summit 2023 at Motorwerk Berlin, the two emphasize the special atmosphere compared to traditional trade fairs. The event focuses on communication and collaboration, regardless of the size of the company. In the discussion, the main objective of the event is to contribute to the industry and invest in the future. The ideal value of the event takes precedence over financial gain.

The future of the Summit is seen in collaboration, innovative formats and added value in terms of content. The diversity of event formats in the construction industry is also addressed in the discussion, whereby large corporate events and collaborative formats such as the Summit have an equal place.

The importance of equality and collaboration, how the Summit consciously creates space for partnerships and minimizes hierarchies, is emphasized by both Phillip and Jörg.

The discussion turns to the question of future event formats, with both interviewees agreeing that physical meetings should not be replaced by virtual ones, but rather supplemented. Augmented reality, for example, could be used to integrate digital features into physical meetings without replacing them.

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