An effective concept, implemented throughout Germany.

One basic concept, many possible applications - the creative design by Preussisch Portugal and Briq for the Mobilcom Debitel stores was implemented by Holtmann+ as the general contractor throughout Germany in a customized manner.

In order to provide a versatile store solution for the telecommunications retailer Mobilcom Debitel, Preussisch Portugal and Briq developed a concept that brings Scandinavian modern store fittings to life with style and function. Thanks to the modular further development and production of the corresponding furniture, Holtmann+, as general contractor, was able to carry out the complete fit-out of the stores throughout Germany in what is currently the fifth generation of furniture.

As general contractor, Holtmann+ managed all steps along the value chain for the extension and conversion of Mobilcom Debitel's stores and turned the agency concept into reality. All trades involved in dismantling, furniture development and the actual store conversion were carried out by us. In addition to electrical work and drywall construction, Holtmann+ also carried out the flooring and painting work. In particular, our team of experts was responsible for designing and implementing the special shop solutions and furniture.

The modern store concept, which impresses with its functionality and versatility, allows the existing furniture to be continuously developed and used in a modular fashion. As a result, the stores of the customer Mobilcom Debitel were able to develop a long-lasting effect throughout Germany and present the customer's services in the best possible setting. Modularity and reuse are not only sustainable, but also ensure the brand's recognition value.

The added value of our implementation for Mobilcom:


+ Tailor-made solutions
Whether it's special furniture or series production, Holtmann+ has developed the furniture for the shops with the help of appropriate prototypes and built it accordingly.

+ Implementation from A to Z – everything from a single source
As the general contractor, Holtmann+ supervised all steps along the value chain for the implementation of the creative concept - from the dismantling of the existing inventory, furniture development, floor and wall work to detailed tasks, such as the assembly of brochure holders and special shop solutions.

+ Collaboration that works
For several years, Holtmann+ has successfully supported its customer Mobilcom Debitel in the redesign and modernization of its shops throughout Germany. A collaboration that stands the test of time through trust and continuity.

A sustainable step forward.

+ Long-term effect and storage
Holtmann+ has created a charging system that impresses with its style and function. Thanks to the mix of special furniture and series production, as well as reliable and careful storage, the furniture can be used in a versatile and modular manner over a long period of time – now in its fifth generation of furniture.

+ Sustainability
Through creative redesign and further development of the existing inventory and furniture, Holtmann+ has succeeded several times over the years in creating changing shop experiences that have a lasting effect and inspire, without needing new material and polluting the environment.


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As lead agency, Holtmann+ implemented the shopfitting and took over the holistic support of the branding panel for the customer.


+ Concept development: 
Elaboration of the furniture design.​​

+ Project management: 
Coordination of the project.​

+ Logistics: 
Planning the conversion, installation and the branding panel.​

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